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Principal's Message

Principal Lawson

School Principal

Stanford Community,

Stanford is such a special place where students enter as 6th graders and leave three years later prepared for their final four years of their K-12 education. It is truly the “middle” part of their journey, where they learn not only more about who they are, but also learn about others and how they fit into the intricate puzzle of society and community.

The growth that occurs in middle school creates a base that enables our students to prepare and be successful in high school, these three years matter a great deal. From co-curricular activities such as sports, music, and  a wide variety of clubs, there is something for everyone

The community here at Stanford has a storied history of excellence and is something that the teachers and staff are very proud of. The inclusionary atmosphere that lives here allows for ALL students to thrive and succeed on this campus.

We welcome you here at Stanford and believe that without our whole community having a voice, we truly are not the school that Stanford is meant to be.

Welcome to Equity and Excellence for the 2022-23 school year here at Stanford Middle School.

“We are Stanford Strong, Where EVERYBODY Belongs!”
And remember, “At Stanford We SOAR!”

Thank you,

Principal Lawson